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Summit City Sluggers Philosophy


To improve the quality of life through baseball/softball, by providing a competitive atmosphere. Where players can test and improve their baseball/softball skills and showcase their talents to professional scouts and college coaches.

Everything we do, we do for a reason. Our goal is to create an environment of constant learning.

We believe in over-learning, you will hear the same things over and over until you get it right. Sloppiness will not be tolerated.

We want everyone to understand the why of what we are doing. We will try to make that clear, because we do everything for a reason.

Players will be taught that time is a valuable resource; we will not waste time. Our practices will be organized, intense, and fun; everything we practice will be at game speed; the coaching staffs will pay attention to detail. All players are expected to be on time; we operate on Lombardi time if you’re not early you're late.

No opponent will be better trained or conditioned than we are. Players must maintain themselves in top physical condition throughout the year. We will work hard to maintain that edge.

Players are ultimately responsible for their own individual skills and conditioning, but coaches will constantly be on the lookout for better ways to train young athletes and will provide fundamental instruction so that the player does it right. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. We owe it to our players to teach them the right way. Expect coaches to be twice as animated in practice as we are in games. Our players must have their fundamentals down pat; expect us to work hard with anyone who doesn’t. Expect to learn fast.

We will play teams with greater sophistication and talent and we will compete with them because we are prepared. Proper preparation prevents poor play. Our goal is to make sure the teams are properly prepared.

Don’t expect every solution to come from the coaching staff; ultimately, it’s the players who must perform and find a way to win.

We encourage players to be leaders and display a positive attitude, be positive, stay positive and pass it on. Show us you are enthused to be here; be competitive and challenge your teammates to be competitive.